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Effective web and graphic design is fundamental to your organization's success. Your logo, website, marketing materials, and stationery all need to engage your customers in a cohesive manner and clearly demonstrate what you are about. I can help you stand out from the crowd. Step one involves working closely with you to define the essential message. Then, fusing classic principles of design with leading edge vision and technology, I create designs that are bold, attractive, engaging, and succinct.

The result? Your target audience enjoys a compelling user experience, your message is delivered, and your organization thrives.

Website Design

The web evolves rapidly. Users now expect websites to be available to them everywhere and on all their devices. Responsive web design may be your best option. With responsive web design, your organization needs only one website to reach the target audience. Smartphone? Tablet? Desktop computer? With one responsive website, it all works!

Try it out! The website you are viewing now is responsive. Designed for mobile first, it is accessible, fast loading and should work on just about any modern device. Go ahead.  Resize your browser window on your computer then check it out on your tablet or smartphone.  It looks good and works great on all of them.

Need a content management system?  Yep, can do. Check out the Nancy Ross Pottery detail page. Here, I created a custom Wordpress theme for Nancy. Nancy knows pottery but not necessarily HTML. By utilizing the Wordpress content management system, I’ve created a site Nancy is able to update to meet her real-time needs without third party assistance.

And I can do the same for you.

Graphic Design

Your clientele should expect consistent branding across all media platforms. With years of graphic design experience, I can help you with logos, brochures, posters, business cards, menus, newsletters, annual reports, stationery and more.

I invite you to spend some time browsing examples of my work, then contact me so we can talk about your needs.

Together we can create design solutions that are bold, attractive, engaging and succinct.

Responsive Web Design... One Website - Any Device

Phone, Tablet, Laptop & PC

Responsive web design enables you to have one website that looks good on any device. Users can then find you and what you have to offer easily when and where they want, no pinching or zooming and no panning. And that means more happy customers.

Whatever is next

More and more the web is being viewed on mobile devices. Mobile device use of the web has overtaken that of those using desktop and laptop computers. These mobile devices come in a dizzying array of sizes and platforms with more arriving daily. How can you be ready for current devices as well as those new devices and continuous software updates? You're ready for whatever is next if your one website is responsive, mobile first, and fast!